Writes the current parameter settings to the named Job file. Copies only the top n levels of the source directory tree. Normally, Tweaked files are neither identified nor copied — they are usually identified as Same files by default. Text Tags Each line in the output log begins with a brief text tag, which is formatted according to the following rules: Ping Plotter Freeware v 5.

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Return Code The return code from Robocopy is a bit map, defined as follows: Any file names that appear in the command line must be specified as individual arguments separated from other arguments by white space, and not appended to the source or destination directory path names. When Run Hours have been specified, Robocopy will only start new copies when the local system time is between the two specified times. Reads parameters from the named Job file. As options are selected, the corresponding command line is shown and may be executed directly or saved to a batch file.

Number of Mismatched files and directories. In most situations, Robocopy includes these files by default.

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This version now uses bit counters to avoid this problem. Il contient les premiers caractères unicode ainsi que quelques autres que j’ai trouvé sur mon clavier mais il vous est possible d’en ajouter avec une description de votre choix.

easy robocopy

Both values must be hour times in the range to Use hardwipe to conveniently and permanently erase or ‘hard wipe’ data on disk and portable storage media [ Once the user account has been granted appropriate access to source and destination servers, you can schedule Robocopy jobs to copy files between them. Some housekeeping may be needed.


When you copy security information, you might notice a short delay after Robocopy prints its banner and before it displays arguments on the screen. This is either a usage error or an error due to insufficient access privileges on the source or destination directories.

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There is no guarantee that a skipped source file is identical to its corresponding robpcopy file even if the file times and sizes are identical until immediately following a successful copy.

It is very fast, fault-tolerant, and has dozens of parameters to customize the copy process, such as filtering by name, attributes, synchronizing folders, etc. Alternatively, you can edit job files using a text editor.

Cet outil permet de surveiller la connexion à un serveur pour voir où se situent les problèmes de lag ou de freeze et notamment les serveurs de jeux. Processing a Directory Tree By default, Robocopy processes only eaxy single source directory specified on the command line. Au bout des 14 jours, on peut conserver la version gratuite.

Version 64 bit http: Il permet ainsi de communiquer avec une machine sous unix ou linux à partir d’une machine sous windows. Essy destination files and directories that no longer exist in the source.

Some housekeeping of the destination tree may be required. However if you choose to run this version of Robocopy on Windows NT version 4.


easy robocopy

Tags for Files The following table lists the tags that apply to files. Robocopy [ 1 ]ou « Robust File Copy », est une commande de réplication de répertoires en ligne de commande. If n is less thanthen n is expressed in days. Il compresse l’affichage pour un transfert plus rapide. Explicity specifies the source directory for the copy.

When Run Hours have been specified, Robocopy will only start new copies when ronocopy local system time is between the two specified times. Housekeeping of the destination is recommended.

Both times must be in hour format, must be exactly 4 digits long in the range toand must be different so as to specify a minimum two-minute window in which new copies may be started. Prise en charge d’un proxy. This list matches the files specified on the command line for copying.

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Waits for share names to be defined on a « Network Name Not Found » error. Robocopy Job Files Given the large number of command-line robodopy available, it is easy to create Robocopy commands that are extremely long, and unwieldy to manipulate. Useful for restricting copies to certain times of the day. You can use drive: Il est souvent utilisé pour faire du mirroring.