Increased compression slows performance. If the connection to a data source requires a user name and password, you can have Analysis Services store the name and password with the connection string, or prompt you for the name and password each time a connection to the data source is required. This value must be explicitly set by the user. It does not generate a self-signed certificate. Blank is the default value for HTTP connections. NET provides client caching for frequently used objects that have minimal memory overhead. IncludeEmpty allows calculations and empty rows to be returned in the query result.

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The server can impersonate the client identity for authorization purposes but cannot access system objects as the client.

Data providers used for Analysis Services connections | Microsoft Docs

Although you can change the value for the current session, Excel will reset MDX Compatibility to1 when the file is next opened. Authenticates only when the client establishes a relationship with a server.

This section shows the connection string that you’ll most likely use when setting up an Analysis Services connection in commonly used applications. Notice that User ID has an embedded space.

Connection String Properties (Analysis Services)

OLE DB provider can format requests and responses in binary or compressed format. The server process can also make outgoing calls to other servers while acting on behalf of the client. Sign up using Facebook.


When greater than 0, overrides the value of the corresponding CommitTimeout property in the server configuration. The existing file will be the target of the connection.

Run MDX queries on OLAP Cubes via ODBC or PHP sqlsrv extension

This maolap includes connection string properties related to authentication and encryption. If a connection does not succeed within this period, the client quits trying to connect and generates an error. This connection string is created and managed internally.

Verifies that all data is received from the client, that it has not been changed in transit, ldbc protects the privacy of the data by encrypting it. ConnectPktIntegrityPktPrivacy. The following table describes those properties most often used when building a connection string.

Joel Coehoorn k 95 When connecting directly to the server, UserID and Password connection string params are ignored and the connection is made using the context of the logged on user. Defines how characters are encoded on the request. The user name and password must be the credentials of smolap Windows identity, either a local or a domain user account.

Excel, which uses MDX queries to populate and calculate a PivotTable connected to Analysis Services, sets this property to 1, to ensure that placeholder members in ragged hierarchies are visible in a PivotTable. This property is required for all connections. Specifies how long in seconds the client library waits for a command to complete before generating an error.


Determines the security level used on the connection. In our case, this will be MDX multidimensional expressions. Our product leverages Analysis Services combined with Reporting Services, we recently made some changed to add compatability for SQL On an Analysis Services connection, putting credentials on the command line is used only when the server is configured for HTTP access, and you specified Basic authentication instead of integrated security on the IIS virtual directory.

SAP UI5 data tables compared: Default value is empty. Specify a comma-delimited list of predefined roles to connect to nsolap server or database using permissions conveyed by that role. By default, authentication information is not persisted.

Analysis Services uses its own encryption keys to encrypt connection strings. Here is an example for a connection through ODBC.

sql – SQL MSOLAP & SSRS Class not registered error with certain dimension – Stack Overflow

This helps reduce the number of round trips to the server. A bitmask indicating which of the following query response optimizations are enabled.

When set to null or 0, automatic synchronization is turned off.