As part of our stability testing, we ran SETI. The silver North bridge fan adds an element of class to the package. Here’s a quick rundown of our test system and benchmarks used. This, once again, seems to ratify our theory that DDR is able to provide the DDR limited Athlon more available bandwidth when truly required. Naturally, this is a sample of one, your mileage may vary.

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Layout Starting at the top and working our way down, we see the ATX power connector is located at the at the top left of the board.

Let’s have a look at the smi and its specification. Ships with the following: Here we see an interesting result. Unfortunately we do not have extra hard drives handy to fully test the RAID function. Memory can be tweaked quite extensively too, with the inclusion of the performance-enhancing 1T command. One interesting inclusion that we’ve not seen before is support, albeit limited, for bluetooth wireless communication.

Review: MSI KT3 Ultra ARU – Mainboard –

Generally, when one Smi drive fails the system usually locks up anyway. A vivid red greets you as you open the box. The impressive overclocking options coupled with our new XP processor from AMD ensured that we would be furnished with a reasonable overclock.

As shown above, we chose the most aggressive options available in testing. The weight of the unopened box is enough to inform you of that. We tried to engineer a situation where stability would be compromised.


Good yes, but you have to wonder about the logic behind this. Still, seconds is the fastest time we’ve ever seen for a CPU at default speeds.

uktra Let’s have a look at the results. The close-knit performance from various motherboard manufacturers highlighted the maturity of the chipset, rarely did we see a poor motherboard. The Asus is even worse in this respect, as the real running speed when set to Mhz is Remember that Bluetooth offers very little bandwidth 1Mbpswhich isn’t sufficient for any type of PC network.

MSI KT3 Ultra2 – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – KT333 Series

Fitted with an all-in-one monoblock which matches the Gigabyte Aorus aesthetic. Being multiplier-locked, we resorted to raising the FSB one Mhz per time. The board is essentially jumper-free with only the ubiquitous clear CMOS jumper making an appearance behind the third fan header.

Even though I have small hands, everytime I removed the videocard my finger would nudge that capacitor and that’s not very comforting.

This codec offers genuine improvements over the standard AC97 that ships with most motherboards. It’s interesting to note that the codec on MSI’s board actually has Realtek’s logo on the chip Realtek owns Avance Logic while all of the other chips are clearly labeled as Mzi Logic.


The might of the XP is certainly evident here. This one takes a while to complete.

Thankfully, we have more than enough room around the CPU socket to mount large coolers. As the Athlon matured, so did Via’s chipsets. The reason it’s not considered true RAID is because if one drive fails, all data is lost. This allows them to be in close proximity to the drives they service.

It’s always reassuring and confidence inducing to see a motherboard boot-up first time.

MSI KT3 Ultra ARU Motherboard Review

If you’re looking for a Socket A motherboard to replace one from an older platform, or are seeking one that will give you maximal performance, then the MSI should most definitely make it onto your shortlist. One pleasant suprise for us is the estimated price. Put simply, it calculates the constant Pi to X million decimal places using the fastest method possible.

The difference from synchronous to asynchronous modes is around marks, although only a nominal 1. We’ve found this combination to be the most stable in our stress tests.