If you purchase an OEM processor with an attached fan, that package may or may not fit the standard retention mechanism although it usually does fit. Sharker , Oct 20, The product of the bus speed and CPU multiplier determines how fast the processor runs. Good practice would have been to clean the leftover parts of the thermal pad from the processor and heatsink before proceeding, but we simply added a dollop of thermal goop, which worked fine. Most are designed to be installed with the processor already seated in its socket, but others particularly those that secure with glue rather than clamping on are easier to install on a loose processor. We tore that system down and replaced the power supply with an Antec unit and the 64 MB of generic memory with a MB Crucial stick. If the cooling device is not already installed on the processor, install it now.

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Share this post Link to post Easston intel easton 2 deea2 other sites. That should tell you what is in the computer now, then use the same memory that SPD reports.

Take great care to observe anti-static procedures while you are handling the processor.

Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board DEPEA2

If you buy an OEM processor or are reinstalling a processor pulled from another system, make sure the heatsink you use is rated for that particular processor. Running a newer, hotter processor with the old heatsink may at best result in sporadic lockups and at worst in processor damage.


If not, buy your motherboard elsewhere. Installing any socketed processor is a straightforward operation if you do things by the numbers.

The mottling visible on the processor is the remnants of the thermal pad from the old heatsink. All of them use the same physical mounting mechanism, and all Slot A motherboards can accept any Eatson A processor.

Downloads for Intel® Desktop Board D815EEA

Id prefer an official driver but at the moment i dont really care as long as it works because my driver currently has a problem it works for eqston 98 startup sound it works when playing files in vlc it does not work when playing files with wmp6. If there is a exston in the socket, grasp it firmly and lift it free. It is not safe to assume that merely because the processor fits the socket or slot that it will function properly in that motherboard.

Socket processors are a particular problem in this respect. Even two motherboards with identical model numbers may be significantly different. These motherboards may also include various overclocking settings, including, and MHz.

Pay close attention to voltage, because installing a low-voltage CPU in a high-voltage motherboard may destroy the processor. Installing a faster slotted processor can greatly improve system performance and extend the useful life of an otherwise obsolescent system.

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Discussion in ‘ Hardware ‘ started by SharkerSep 22, Collect all the tools, software, manuals, and upgrade components you need. Are you looking for the solution to your computer problem?


Not all Socket processors can be used in all Socket motherboards, even if processor and motherboard were both made by Intel. A faster slotted processor may be a worthwhile upgrade for an older system. Each of these styles requires a physically different heatsink. Press down each pin until it snaps into place. Sign itnel for a intel easton 2 deea2 intrl in our community.

D815ea2 example, using a 60 MHz bus speed with a 2.

Intel Easton 2 Deea2

In particular, the portion of the heatsink that overhangs the processor may come into contact with capacitors and other components that protrude above the motherboard. Yeah — I never thought about her HDD cache.

The BIOS revision level can determine which processors your motherboard supports. AD codecs use SoundMax drivers, they are OEM specific and not available from Analog Devices, just from the motherboard manufacturers — and you have not mentioned it yet. The system should begin a normal boot sequence. Slot 1 and later motherboards and processors automatically negotiate the proper voltage.

Orient pin 1 on the new processor to pin 1 on the socket and then gently press the processor into the socket, as shown in Figure Intel manufactures processors for two similar but incompatible slots.