The Innova Star Tern is a slightly understable distance driver. Jump Putt A putt where the player pushes off the ground with the lead foot at the time of release. It is very accurate at all ranges. The concave top reduces the tendency for putts to glide out if they catch a wind. The chain-grabbing XT plastic enhances the feel and has the durability players expect in a go-to putter. Innova Leopard3 – Champion Glow.

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The Wombat is a large diameter disc golf driver that flies similar to the Foxbat with added convex technology or VTech.

Tournament Roll An unusually long roll away after a throw or putt. It has significant high speed turn making the Monarch a good choice for beginning disc golf players and those with slower arm speeds. It is one of our best?

Generally this strategy is employed in very windy conditions or for treacherous target positions. It is versatile and is dependable in all conditions. The Innova Champion Dyed Sidewinder is a fast, beginner friendly understable distance driver with a predictable high speed turn and lots of glide.


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Innova Mirage – DX. It is a very versatile disc that is predictably stable at lower speeds and will turnover slightly at higher speeds. These discs usually weigh from grams up to grams but may be much lighter. Star plastic delivers durability and consistency that meet the standards of touring pros. The Classic is our s The Panther is a perfect disc golf driver for those lea…. The Mirage is a low profile putter tha….

The Beast’s high glide, high speed and high speed turn all combine to give big distance.

Innova Understable Golf Discs

LHBH left hand back hand throw will spin left and turn left. Nahyzer Vulcan flies similarly to the Katana with less low speed fade. Innova says this about the Birdie: All times are GMT Drawing inspiration from the Gator, the Caiman muscles its way into Innova’s mid-range lineup anjyzer a strong fade and minimal glide – the Caiman thrives in a headwind.

Straddle Putt A putting position that resembles riding a horse.

Power throwers can use this disc golf driver for long…. All-around disc, wooded courses, turnover shots, tight wooded shots, beginner disc, smaller hands. Maximum Distance, turnover driver, tailwind drives, beginner players looking for more knnova from a driver. Innovz Leopard is a great turnover …. This disc golf driver carves smooth s-turn drives from the very first thr…. The Condor has a very stable true flight.


The Archon is a new distance driver that blends the graceful long turn Minneapolis, MN Years Playing: Innova Sidewinder – Champion.

Innova Understable Discs

Innova Daedalus – Champion Dyed. The Innova GStar Roadrunner is a beginner friendly understable anhyzeer distance driver with lots of glide. The Katana is less understable ….

A slowly released disc will not see much movement in the direction of the spin innnova will fly straight and fall off opposite the direction of the spin as it loses speed. Innova say this about the Aviar Driver Big Bead: The Cheetah is a great driver for throwing straight long shot