Board index Printfolio Disc Cover. I had to carefully push it back out through the slot in the back to pull it back out. Make sure that the ruler passes through the center of the circle when measuring. So Can anyone help me here: It does have a nice blue light on the adapter, but unless there is some way to speed things up I would suggest that you skip this option. How is your VM locally connected to the Windows8? If you readjust the print position, click Reset , and then print a position check pattern.

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Select Stylus Photo R as the Format for setting. I can’t thank you enough. The Crystal Kote is more designed for artists to protect their drawings etc inbetween sessions, and you can draw or paint over the top of it, so therefore it isn’t really waterproof. It seems so finicky with tray placement, when you can and can’t place the tray into the printer for printing.

Thank you so much for your time.

Epson Stylus Photo R Anyone have a better suggestion? The use of ad-blocking software hurts the site. For Windows Select Print from the File menu.

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Select the background image you want to use, then click Open. What’s New in the Forums? It will be easier to help you if you make screenshots of dialog boxes with main settings to check. So I called Epson support to get the scoop, and wanted to share what I learned, because the info in the manual doesn’t include all the details needed to get things to work. You prinying unsubscribe at any time with pdinting click on the link provided in every Epson newsletter.


Concerning the Disc Cover settings. Sorry to hear it didn’t work. Glad to be of help.

Printing on a CD/DVD

Is it that Windows 10 doesn’t like my print tray? How did you set up this file. My best advise would be to call Epson customer support and see if they have updated “Print CD” software that you could download. Do I need a printer driver update?

I’m sure its probably my fault and I did something hideously wrong as I am rather unfamiliar with macs, but printing on every other media works fine, its epspn that I can’t select these options!

How is your VM locally connected to the Windows8? Follow the on-screen instructions for installation. Please don’t suggest a dual boot I need to have access to the W8 system at the same time. Choose Adjust Print Position from the File menu. How satisfied are you with this response? Now I can have it print multiple copies and use the load button on the printer between each one, I just have to be careful to pull the tray out between each CD and then align the 3r00 again because once it grabbed the tray wrong and ate the whole thing.


You import a picture, stretch and send to back. Click the Text button on tool bar on the left. I am in the UK. BUT on scrolling down to the bottom it was the last printer listed. I use it all the time just for that.

Epson Stylus Photo R300 CD Print Not Working

I just joined today and my profile says I use XP pro but that’s just the guest VM I’m actually using W8 but there was no option on the form to choose that. I’m assuming the the XP ‘install network driver’ wizard is going to install them again but this time for the network printer.

Apple gets what it pays for Review: I’ve tried the solution offered by EPSON for the same problem when OS is VIsta – it says to ‘click OK to the error message, choose tray 2, choose manual install, choose a4 for page size, in properties choose CD for the type of media’ etc.