I had the older firmware Krc so I flashed back to that. Create an account Here you can play cleopatra slots online or visit this site about online casinos at Australia aucasinosonline. BenQ P Burner Review. The Good Smooth and quiet performance; includes easy-to-use burning software. The other day while surfing by Dallmann Computers , I noticed that his price list indicated that he carried the BenQ burner.

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For others, significant slowdowns occur. On some burners, its end can be detected by watching the LEDs usually there are short bursts of writing activity at the end. Pandora is Magically Sold!

He graciously set me up with one for this review. So what’s the catch? It adds support for Mt. All recent versions of InCD 3.

BenQ P Burner Review

Visit manufacturer site for details. Not wanting to give up, i then decided to try and flash from the Krc firmware to the Kuc firmware. Funny thing, info tool said I had the right firmware installed and had the MT.


Not sure what the cause of that was. I just unzip the file which gives me the K. I presume you were using InCD 3. I’m not sure why i had softwarw go that route but i’m not complaining. Today, we’re going to see how fast the BenQ really is, and how well softwate is at producing quality CD’s error free. My biggest beef with this drive package is that it doesn’t come with any Rewritable Media. Nero Express makes burning discs easy. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in As burners have gotten faster, it seems as some sacrifices have had to have been made.

I’m done talking to myself Cheers.

UC The message came up saying it was matching the ckeck sum or somthing to that effect. Conclusion and Final Thoughts. Next, we’ll take a look at the drive itself, the bundle ‘o goodies, and installation.

I can say that the way the BenQ site says to do it is not the way I have done it. Double-clicking on the EXE file and following the directions is how I updated mine, too. Here is how the specs translate into features. It worked no problem.


In this episode we will be discussing Pandora and Shazam get sold, Sony caves in softsare the Fortnight pressure and a few reasons why you might want to stay indoors this fall.

Write tests Time in minutes Shorter bars indicate better performance.

The Bad Inadequate setup instructions; average performance; no Mac support. Moments later the complete message popped up. It’s done via the burner’s firmware.

BenQ 5224P Burner Review

BenQ P Burner Review. Review Sections Review Specs. This time it worked.