This will show up only when GEM mount is connected, and motion controls are enabled. See the Correcting for Problems also in the menu on the left. Click Close to close the Telescope Setup window. I will look again at the events being transmitted to the scope using POTH’s Traffic window in case they show up something informative. So far so good there Please contact the driver author and request an updated driver. The check boxes are used only to indicate capabilities of the Scope, Dome and Focuser.

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I am pretty sure I can get a lot out of MaxIM without the direct mount connection, but I also know there are a few nice features in MaxIM like centering the scope on a target viewed in an image captured via MaxIM that won’t work unless you can get it mount control.

This provides for programmatic control over slaving the Dome to a telescope.

ASCOM and POTHhelp

I now realise that i didnt communicatie clearly enough. Hub is somewhat degraded. Pier side status is best managed via telescope drivers that report that status. Now where did I put that clear sky button!


Which it did just fine. By jstrong in forum Astronomy Beginners Forum. Originally Posted by KeithBC. POTH then ooth up by itself and asks me to set it up. Please contact the driver author and request an updated driver.

POTH – Plain Old Telescope Handset

I even tried tracking near the zenithwhere the azimuth slew rate was about 2 degrees per minute, and the dome kept up perfectly. Click Close to close the Telescope Setup window.

Pictures of the UAB Blocks and the initial temporary fitting of one of the block are shown below. Canon D unmodded, Celestron ST80 guide To view links or images in signatures your post potb must be 5 or greater. Or, you can use the [Connect] buttons on the Handset.

When I launch one platform, things work fine. Check to see the crosshairs indicating telescope’s current position, and that there is telescope control work. The ascim responses suggest the commands were heard.

Everything connects to it. I know of nothing that has changed.

So I figured I’d give it a shot. The connection to TheSky6 was terminated but the scope was found to still be active and pointing high in the Western Sky, when I went out the observatory to close things down.


The bit script engine cannot use bit components. Posted October 13, I’d rather die while I’m living than live while I’m dead.

It indicates the capabilities of the connected devices. If you run your script by double-clicking it or using cscript on the ;oth line, it uses the bit script engine. I find that it does what I need it too and normally hassle free.

POTH Information

I set all mine to Administrator and I have no issues. Share Share this post on Digg Del. It’s not clear if this was a one off issue or a regular problem. Whatever the connected driver supports is passed though of course. Geometry parameters for GEMs located in domes are defined at the following link: It also gives access to some POTH ascok.