No new hardware is detected etc. Any ideas gratefully received. Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription. The site was removed when AOL discontinued its web hosting services, but some pages still remain on ptd. Google takes steps to protect Chromebooks from some types of physical access attacks. What is your reason for wanting USB capabilities?

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USB ports on IBM Aptiva non-functioning

How well they actually worked is the big question. The site included a user chat group on Friday nights for users to help each other with PC issues. June 14, at Security researcher finds treasure trove of passwords and API keys on an internet-accessible etcd database.

The various device class specs were also finalized relatively late, Most desktop and laptop sales were with longstanding corporate customers that already used IBM mainframe computers.

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Originally the and machine types referred to the amount of open slots and drive bays. June 12, at 4: Further information – The Aptiva has Win98 installed vers 4. IBM personal computers Products introduced in You need to hack your registry so only MB is used. Aptifa old Samsung Android phone did block access aptifa the microSD card only which is FAT32no access to the onboard flash file system at all.


I think it took MS some time to realize that the USB abstract isb simplified the challenges of implementing a working set of USB drivers which also required some changes to the base kernel. My recollection is of devices that would let you mount them as a block device, but then have to slowly re-scan the whole filesystem after you were done to work out what you did. Later in the production life, all Aptivas used tower unit form factors.

If you wish to post a query, please do so in one of our main forum sections here. I just don’t see any plugs on theis Mobo for doing it.

New Aptivas showcase USB | ZDNet

The altiva system was withdrawn in May without direct replacement when IBM decided to exit the home market. Chrome OS to block USB access while the screen is locked Google takes steps to protect Chromebooks from some types of physical access attacks.

Also, did the Windows 95 preinstall have any USB support or not? USB Ports not functioning. That said, finding drivers for modern USB hardware can be problematic.


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Networking Five years ago: Views Read Edit View history. I have looked around the Net and I can’t find the manual for this Mobo – and it doesn’t have an awful lot of pins where the USB plug could go June 3, at 6: June 12, at Windows 98 which I beta tested finally showed up in June and companies started shipping products knowing that people could actually buy an OS with support.

These drivers work for many devices, but there are some they can’t detect. June 29, at 8: And as I said, the printer will work on a different computer, so the problem is definitely something peculiar to the Aptiva’s USB ports. Issues with USB continued through about Retrieved from ” https: That means the 1.

The console connected to the main unit via a 6-foot cable.