R4 sets the gain and I lowered in the simulation to lower the THD. It’s a lot more important than many of us thought at first. Of course it is a bit ironic to consider the ’51A as it has more plate dissipation than the tube it is driving Excellent filament regulators by Rod Coleman isolate the filament from power supply. Post Order or Asylum Reverse Threaded. In addition the tone and timbre are very close to original acoustic instruments to my ears. Ale, did you do any experiments to see if the results was the same if the resistor were placed after a coupling capacitor?

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I did not check values of resistors, though.

I like to hear what I see. I knew you would want some. The load resistor is 68K. I intend to use this tube for quite a while. I found this to be a good point for lower distortion. The 4P1L will draw 1.

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Never do you see actual traced curves, all that can be found is a cut and paste from the original data sheet which doesn’t convince me of actual measured behavior. The breadboard for pentode can be improved for sure. These are good enough and better than many others.


Not necessarily horns – full-range units like Alpairs or Fostex pemtode Lowther work okay. After the early experiments with the 4P1L driver in pentode modeI decided to look at improving it somehow given advice given. The driver stage tubes are a bit microphonic. The type EL84 makes one heck of a signal tube Driver tube suggetions for B amp, posted on February petode, at The circuit goes; AH4-xfmrb.

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You are commenting using your WordPress. Driver tube suggetions for B amp A distortion of 0. ;entode tube suggetions for B amp, posted on February 24, at I would be interested in some PCB sets. V4 is a stable screen bias of your choice.

I’m building something oentode a 4p1l filament bias driver, posted on February 11, at In addition, a shunt regulator supplies power to the driver stage tube.

“Shiny Eyes”PSE all 4P1L Description and Comments | simplepleasuretubeamps

How about the 10 family? Email required Address never made public.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Odd order harmonics are high though, but can maybe be helped from distortion cancellation together with the next stage. So my solution would be to use an output tube with at least a gain of 8 or A new idea raised It may be feasible that 4P1L can be used pentoxe a cathode follower driver to the A SE amp unlike an idea of A possessing inherent cons such as a minus voltage PSU needed, b too much head room 41l driving to the sensitive tube of A.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I now just use 4P1L into 4P1L. I have an extra pair of cabinets that are currently listed for sale on eBay.

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